Bushcrafting with Jonas Vildmark

Place: Jonas Vildmark's own woods just outside Kilafors, Sweden
Time: 3 days at a time

Are you looking for woods to bushcraft in? Welcome to Jonas Vildmark's wilderness.
On Jonas Vildmark's own grounds you get a great opportunity to bushcraft to it's fullest.
The concept is for you to be able to full out practice your wood lore skills together with the land owner and his consent. Take the opportunity to test new techniques for shelter, fire and if we get the chance to catch any small game; that could perhaps be our lunch. Of course all done with the highest respect for Nature.

We are many who love bushcraft and luckily for us there are a lot of information about forest life to access though conversations, books and internet. But the one thing that truly develop your bushcraft skills are time spent out in the woods.

In small groups we head out into the deep forests of Hälsingland Sweden to practice our woodcraft skills. Jonas is your Guide and if needed; also you Instructor. During the weekend you'll be able to develop and fine tune your techniques and practice on using your tools and gear.

Rough Schedule (changes may occur)
- 12.00, Meet up in Kilafors (Bollnäs, Sweden) before heading out
- Making camp
- Sleeping outdoors

- Bushcraft activities
- Sleeping outdoors

- Restore campsite
- 15.00, finishing up to go home

The weekend is spent outdoors in all weathers. If needed we'll go through you equipment prior to the weekend to secure you have the right gear for the season.

Length: 3 days (Friday-Sunday)
Price: 3000 SEK per person (including tax)
The price includes ground entrance, guiding, tailor made coaching (if needed) and food.
Please let us know if you have any special requests regarding transport and gear.

Available dates in 2019:

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