Coaching and Tailored Training

Let me coach you in your upcoming adventure. My experience from supporting different survival projects and TV shows can be very beneficial to you. When ever you are planing to push your limits, both physically and mentally, it's very important that you are well prepared to succeed. By contacting me early in the game we can tailor your training together. I'll share my knowledge about Survival and Bushcraft so that you can avoid unnecessary pitfalls that I've already explored the hard way. The course is customized to fit your needs, goal and time frame. You'll get the chance to practice your skills in; fire making, find water, building shelter, building traps, to navigate and much more. This is also a great opportunity to optimize and to get acuainted with your gear. Last but not least; we'll build a strategy on how to handle the mental challenges you'll be facing prior, during and after your adventure.

Please feel free to contact me already today, as your first step towards the adventure of your lifetime. Whether you're planning a small hike or a big international outdoor challenge. Looking forward hearing from you.

Photo: G. Denstedt

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