Hunters Exam

As Hunting is a part of Bushcraft we want to welcome you to take your Hunting License via Jonas Vildmark's Hunting School.
By getting knowledge about the fauna, nature's cycles and wildlife management you'll enrich you outdoor life tremendously. As a Hunter your outdoor activities enter a new dimension of awareness at the same time as you pass on the hunting and gathering culture's ecological and sustainable way of thinking.

Jonas Vildmark offers a unique hunting school mixing the traditional hunter's education of The Swedish Hunters Association's (Svenska Jägareförbundet and Jägarnas Riksförbund) with old and new bushcraft skills. Based upon the course literature of the Hunters Associations we offer a five day intensive course.

Five Day Intensive Course
During a five day long education, with the possibility of overnight stay, we cover all of the subjects of Jonas Vildmark's Hunting School; hunting history, hunting ethics, wildlife, tracking, navigation, bushcraft, safety and first aid, game dressing, gun safety, shooting and the hunting and gathering culture. The week then finishes off with a written exam and a shooting exam with the aim of you receiving your Hunting License.
We want to emphasize the importance of understanding that; no one can be a fully skilled Hunter after just a five day intensive course. It's very important that you study the course literature thoroughly prior to the course start to get the best conditions for succeeding on your final exams. You should see the five day intensive course as a first step into the wonderful world of hunting where there's always something new and inspiring to learn.

Upcoming Course Dates
May 15th-19th 2019

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