Fire Training with Jonas Vildmark

Place: Jonas Vildmark Bushcraft Center at Lienshyttans Herrgård in Riddarhyttan, Bergslagen, Sweden
Time: 1 day training

Fire is a one day outdoor course held around the campfire at Lienshyttans Herrgård in Riddarhyttan Sweden. Fire; mankind's most important discovery. To control fire is essential to keep dry, warm and full when out in the woods. Fire is a popular course going into depth of the subject, giving you tips and trix and at the same time gives you the chance to practice your techniques and skills in the peaceful surroundings of Riddarhyttan. If you're interested in a day full of bushcraft skills; we hope you'll sign up for one or several of the course dates found below.

Photo: M. Brodersen

Rough Schedule (changes may occur)

Theoretical and practical fire skills:
- 10.00, The fundamentals, Safety and Preparations
- Fika
- Tinder, Fuel and Fire Construction
- Lunch
- Lighting Techniques and Practicing
- Fika
- Practicing and Putting it out
- 15.30, Summary

The whole training is spent outdoors whatever the weather. Bring clothes for all weather and also bring your own fire tools, if any (tools for borrowing are available on suite).

Length: 1 day
Price: 1500 SEK per person (including tax)
The price includes; Instructor, lunch, fika, course material and some gear.

Course dates:
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