Basic Survival Training with Jonas Vildmark

Place: Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter's own land outside Kilafors, Hälsingland, Sweden
Time: 3 days

Extreme survival is all about; Preparations, Psychology, Physiology and Techniques. On Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter's own woodland in Hälsingland you have the opportunity to test your limits mentally and physically parallel with practicing your technical skills in making Fire, finding Water and building Shelter.

Some of the subjects touched upon during the weekend are:
Survival psychology
Survival physics
How to handle a knife in a efficient and safe way
Basic first aid
Camp logistics

To obtain the desired challenge level during this relatively short training; no food will be eaten by the participants during the course. The weekend finishes off with a prepared meal around which we together can reflect over the past training days.

In small groups this survival training is executed in calm manners and peaceful surroundings. With Jonas as your Chief Instructor a creative dialogue mixed with practical exercises gives you an opportunity to reflect on what is happening in the moment and at the same time refine your survival skills.

Rough Schedule (changes may occur)

- 12.00, Meet-up in Kilafors (Bollnäs kommun)
- Theoretical and practical training outdoors
- Outdoor sleep inside your own built shelter

- Theoretical and practical training outdoors
- Outdoor sleep inside your own built shelter

- Theoretical and practical training outdoors
- Restoring campsites
- Finishing meal with reflection
- 15.00, End of training

The whole weekend is spent outdoors in any weather conditions. The gear will be limited and no food will be eaten during the training. A recommended pack list together with a more detailed training plan will be provided to you in conjunction with you booking your spot on the training.

Length: 3 days (Friday-Sunday)
Price: 3000 SEK per person (including tax)
The price includes; Ground entrance, guidance, lectures, exercises and some gear.
Please let us know if you have any special requests regarding gear.

Available dates in 2019:
July 26th-28th

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