Basic Survival Training April 2017

Place: Jonas Vildmark's woods, Hälsingland, Sweden
Time: 3 days in April

Time for the April version of Jonas Vildmark's Basic Survival Training up in the deep forests of Hälsingland. Glad and eager participants meet up in the Spring sun of Kilafors. The pleasant atmosphere within the group is already established during our drive deeper into and up the quiet woods. At these heights the snow is still lingering between the shadows of the trees and the temperatures of the weekend will end up at between -3 and +6 °C.

The participant's curiosity, stamina and motivation contributes to creative solutions. The excitement of not knowing what's gonna happen next helps us to seize the moment. The cool nights offer magical music from the wildlife in the full moon light. There's in moments like these you truly feel alive.

Enjoying some warming pine needle tea 
freshly brewed on stream water from the woods.
Photo: A. Edström

I want to thank all the participants for an amazing weekend. Your achievement, forward spirit and ability to cooperate despite hunger and tiredness are inspiring.

If you also want to test your limits and learn more about survival; read more about this course by clicking HERE.

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