Morakniv Adventure 2017

Place: Mora, Dalarna, Sweden
Time: 4 days in May

A warm and kind thanks to all the great guys at Morakniv! This weekend the event Morakniv Adventure was arranged for the first time and I really hope that this will be a reoccurring event in the future. About 50 outdoor enthusiasts gathered in Mora for a factory tour followed by three days out in the beautiful woods of Mora Sweden. The weekend offered inspiring talks around the campfire as well as good workshops and good food.

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Despite a shaky weather forecast; the weekend got to be pleasant and refreshing with only a few light rain showers. Happy and curious minds generated creative reflections about outdoor life in Sweden and in the world, nature, crafting and the growing bushcraft community.

I'm very grateful for all the workshops held by Morakniv's inspiring Ambassadors. Jögge Sundvist and Beth Moen shared their impressive knowledge regarding crafting and sloyd, Dave Canterbury with family demonstrated different fire techniques and how to trap fish and Johan Skullman's solid experience from outdoor life and gear was very interesting to listen to as always.

Last but not least; I want to send a warm and grateful thanks to all the participants for their curiosity, kindness and creativity. Very generous of you to share your experiences and thoughts on the outdoors. I get happy and inspired by the hunger I see inside both new and old friend's eyes when it comes to nature. As I said; I hope that the Morakniv Adventure will be back next year and in the mean time; I'm looking forward meeting you all beside this year's growing smorgasbord of bushcraft gatherings and events.

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