Spring Buck Hunting

Place: Broddbo, Sala kommun, Sweden
Time: May 1st

Finally Spring is here again. I greet the month of May by enjoying the peaceful woods of Sala Sweden.

After a frost bitten night I start my quiet and slow stalk in search for a roe deer buck. He is located up the far end of a cut down forest area. Unfortunately the wind gives me away and the nervous buck sets of.
I continue my search and after a while I find a beautiful female roe in between the threes. For a long time I stand there still and quiet studying here, this is what you would call a Magic Moment. Unfortunately no buck joins her so I let her be and continue my quiet walk.

After a while I get blessed to witness, first row seat, the dance of a western capercaillie. When he is done he heads off by flight into the woods. Time also flies and on my way back I once again encounter the suspicious buck. He sets of in full gallop shouting at the clumsy hunter.
Back at the truck seated down by the fire; breakfast taste magical after an amazing morning like this. I'm looking forward coming back another day to once again try to get close to the Spring buck.

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