The Knife Model Doer - Designed by Jonas Vildmark

Finally time for the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017! Amazing August weather, curious visitors and an inspiring scent of bushcraft floating over the Gottröra hembygdsgård in Sweden. Jonas Vildmark is represented during the festival with Jonas speaking about Edge Tools and exhibiting our services offered; besides tailored events, nature guiding and magazine article writing:

Jonas Vildmark also offers an world premiere during the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017. It's the brand new knife model called Doer. The knife is designed by Jonas Vildmark (Jonas Landolsi) and put together by the well known Swedish knife manufacturer Karesuandokniven way up in the north of Scandinavia. The knife is produced by hand in a very limited edition; only 46 Doer knives exist. Every knife is marked with a unique serial number. This handy and capable little knife has clean design features with a timeless and practical approach. In the right hands the Doer can solve most day to day tasks in your life, a life that is hopefully spent enjoying the outdoor wilderness as much as possible.

Some of the thoughts in developing the Doer was to make a knife with a short easily maneuverable blade featuring a Scandi grind edge and a long and symmetrical handle. The thickest part of the handle is located in the rear offering a comfortable an efficient grip and the smooth transition between handle and blade enables a controlled grip when doing finer tasks.

The straight sheath has an integrated neck strap allowing you to carry the Doer around your neck. When you want to hang the knife on the belt instead; just roll in the strap or permanently cut it to the desired length.

The Doer can only be purchased from Jonas Vildmark. So if you desire to own one of the 46 existing Doers; please visit Jonas Vildmark's Bushcraft Center at Lienshyttans Herrgård to look closer at the knives, or order one from us by clicking HERE.

Blade steel:  Stainless Sandvik 12C27 with a hardness of 57 HRC
Blade length:  75 mm
Blade thicknes:  2,5 mm
Blade with:  18 mm
Edge profile:  Scandi grind
Handle material:  Curly birch and brass
Handle length:  110 mm
Carry system:  Straight sheath with an extra long strap
Sheath material:  Cattle hide with a plastic insert for safety reasons
Knife weight: 58 g
Price: 1500 SEK
As the knife is handmade the above numbers may differ.

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