Bushcraft Sunday at Lienshyttans Herrgård

A warm welcome to our Open House at the Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter at the homestead Lienshyttans Herrgård, Riddarhyttan Sweden. A couple of Sundays per year we arrange what we call The Bushcraft Sunday. Everyone is welcome to join us around the camp fire discussing everything from old hunting stories to your upcoming hiking adventure.

Enjoy a refreshing Fika inside our cozy Garden House where you can buy soup, sandwiches and other pastries straight from the Homestead Kitchen. Inside our little Bushcraft Boutique you can find bushcraft gear and inspiring locally handcrafted items. In the Bushcraft Studio you can listen to interesting Speakers and look at inspiring pictures from our beautiful wilderness.

We're looking forward having interesting conversations about Woodcraft, Hunting, Fishing and other outdoor activities. Perhaps we'll touch upon; Natural navigation, Water purification, Sloyd, Primitive fishing techniques or your favorite gear - You decide. You are also welcome to bring your own made gear to inspire others and to get tips from the other participants.

Below you'll find the dates for 2018. For more information; please visit our Events at Facebook; click HERE

February 25th - Theme: Survival in winter time
March 25th - Theme: Hunting

Lienshyttans Herrgård is situated in Riddarhyttan Sweden along road No.68. The postal address is Hyttvägen 1 and you can read more about the homestead and how to get here by clicking HERE.
You are welcome to use our Facebook page to synchronize your carpooling.

Bushcraft Sunday Open House Entrance is for free (no entrance fee).
Dress code; robust, warm and comfortable (this is an outdoor event).

Looking forward seeing you here!

Kind regards
Jonas & Therese

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Casström Safari - Vapentidningen No.7 - 2017

If you haven't already seen it; the new issue of Vapentidningen (No.7 - 2017) is now out in stores. Inside you'll find my article on the Casström Safari.

This hunting knife is the result of a collaboration between the English knife maker Mr. Alan Wood and the Swedish company Casström. It's a very handy and slim fixed blade knife featuring a 65 mm long blade from the well known stainless steel; Sandvik 12C27. The edge profile is a full hollow grind and the knife comes in three different handle versions.

Inside the same mag you'll also find interesting articles like; Get started with bow hunting (Ulf Backman), a massive test on Different rifle ammunition for practice (Johan Ljungné), Kimber Stainless Target II (Henrik Kalling) and The history of the 9,3x62 cartridge (Jens E. Perto).

For myself; I haven't had the time to read all the articles yet. So it's time for me to hit the sack and do some relaxing reading... Good Night my friends.

Also see my earlier Vapentidningen articles by clicking HERE.

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