Bushcraft & Survival in Kolarbyn

In a collaboration between Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge and Jonas Vildmark we offer you a 3-day experience and a course in Bushcraft and Survival. These are two different subjects that may well go hand in hand when you find yourself in an unexpected survival situation. Bushcraft skills can help you in a extreme survival situation in the woods. In this course, besides defining these two subjects, we also cover the basics of; fire, water and shelter, together with the psychological and physical factors of Survival.

Photo: Marcus Jonson, kolarbyn.se

Day 1 - Check in at the reception of Kolarbyn 14.00. A host will meet and greet to show you around the lodge site. The night will be spent inside one of the charcoal huts in Kolarbyn
Day 2 - 24 hours of theory and practice out in the deep woods of Bergslagen, together with an experienced Instructor. You have the possibility to spend the night inside the emergency shelter you will build during the day
Day 3 - Breakfast, summarizing and finish inside the Kolarbyn

Course Dates
May 10th-12th 2019
June 26th-28th 2019
July 12th-14th 2019
September 27th-29th 2019
October 4th-6th 2019

From 3480 SEK (including VAT)

More info and booking
We recommend you bring; sturdy and warm clothes for all weather, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, head lamp with extra batteries, filled water bottle, steel container to boil water over open fire, note materials and snacks. When the mosquitoes are active it's also wise to use long sleeves and bring repellent and a net hat.

You decide the level of this training. If you choose to not eat during the course you have an interesting opportunity to test your limits together with an experienced Instructor. Any fasting is ended together with the breakfast Day 3.

For more detailed information and booking your spot; please visit the Kolarbyn website by clicking HERE.

You can also follow each course via Facebook; click HERE.

Welcome to the magic forests of Bergslagen Sweden!

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Family Bushcraft

Bushcraft, the old-school skills of being outdoors using basic knowledge about fire-making, whittling your own tools, building your camp, reading nature and much more. Bushcrafting is a memorable way to experience the Swedish outdoors together with your family. Join us around the campfire, relax and learn the basics of making fire and using edge tools properly. This package gives you two nights' stay in Baggå skola B&B and a five-hour experience/course that takes place at Jonas Vildmark Bushcraft Center in Riddarhyttan, Sweden. This is a family-friendly adventure with cozy lodging as well as an opportunity to learn fire-lighting techniques and take home your self carved item from green wood.

About Jonas Vildmark & Baggå skola
Since 2009 Jonas Vildmark (Jonas Wilderness) has offered training, skills courses and events in the arts of Bushcraft and Survival. Jonas Landolsi has inspired many with his knowledge and experience of living in the wild. Together with his wife Therese, Jonas leads courses throughout Sweden focusing on basic outdoor skills like Woodcraft, Hunting and Forest Living.
Baggå skola was built in 1884 as a school house for the village children. Today it's a bustling farm-to-table café and rustic Bed & Breakfast operated by Swedish-American duo Amy & Tomas. Stay in their unique and charming rooms (with shared bath) in the heart of the Swedish countryside. Nature, wildlife and creativity meet on this lively organic farm.

Family Buschcraft schedule (changes may occur)
•  Thursday afternoon/evening: Arrival & check in at Baggå skola
•  Thursday evening: Hearty soup with homemade bread is served with a choice of beverages in cozy Baggå skola
•  Friday 8.00-10.00: Buffet breakfast in Baggå skola café (homemade yoghurt, granola & bread, coffee, tea, juice)
•  Friday 11.00: Arrival at Jonas Vildmark Bushcraft Center, Riddarhyttan
•  Learn about the history and techniques of fire-making
•  Friday 12.00-13.00 Lunch: Vegetarian burrito, homemade chocolate chip cookie & juice box
•  Practice you fire making skills
•  Fika
•  Learn about whittling and how to use a knife, an axe and a saw in an efficient and safe way
•  Start creating your own item; perhaps a spoon or chop sticks carved from green wood
•  Friday 16.00: We wrap up the day by looking at the different carved objects we've created. If you're not finished yet; no worries - you can continue carving at home.
•  Friday Dinner: This one's up to you; check what's available at Baggå skola or ask us for suggestions in the region for other tasty options. (Why not join a moose safari in the evening where a meal is included?)
•  Saturday 11.00 Baggå skola check out

Course Dates

Price (including VAT)
Adults 13 years and older : 1500 SEK per person
Children 6-12 years: 1200 SEK per person
Children 2-5 years: 900 SEK per person
Children 0-1 years: Free 

The price includes 
•  A family-oriented Bushcraft course focusing on fire-making, edge tools and whittling, led by an experienced Instructor
•  Rental tools for fire making and wood carving
•  Carving material
•  Fire material
•  Two night's lodging at Baggå skola (sheets & towels included)
•  Two buffet breakfasts at Baggå skola
•  One two-course meal & one to-go meal, including beverages 

Book your spot at Family Bushcraft by contacting Baggå skola; click HERE

We recommend that you bring warm and robust clothing and shoes for all kinds of weather. There is a distance of 15 km between your lodging in Baggå and the bushcraft activities in Riddarhyttan – we recommend a rental car or taxi. You'll find Taxi Skinnsberg by clicking HERE. f you wish to combine this activity with others in the area, check in with our partner WildSweden's schedules by clicking HERE.

Welcome to Bergslagen Sweden!

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3 Favorites - Vapentidningen No.2 - 2018

 The Swedish weapons magazine Vapentidningen is running a nice article series where their writers get to present their three favorites when it comes to shooting and hunting. In the latest issue of the mag, on it's way out in stores as I write, I give you three of my absolute favorites to bring out to the shooting range and into the woods.

Para-Ordnance P-14 (The fat guy)
This is a happy piece from the 90's. A double stack 1911 holding up to 15 45ACPs gets your hands full when running the P-14. Great for when running dynamic shooting in the standard class. The mag article gives you some history of the manufacturer Para together with some nice pics of the original pistol from late late 90's.

Remington 660 (The 2nd class guy)
This is the sibling of the perhaps more well known model Mohawk. The 600 series was in production
from 1964 to 2004 and I really appreciate the rifles compact design and accuracy. They were chambered for a number of calibers but my favorite is the .222 Rem. that falls into the 2nd class when talking about game classes here in Sweden. Inside the mag article you can read about the modifications made to my rifle.

Victorinox Swiss Soldier's Knife 08 (The SAK)
The knife geek in me had to choose at least one knife for this article. One really good friend of mine is the Swiss Soldier's Knife 08 helping me out when out in the woods as well as out on the homestead. This is the current official folding knife of the Swiss military and it's truly a trooper. I see this as a multi tool for my dirty work cutting and poking. A nice tool helping me save the edge of my other knife the Doer that I use for carving and food prepping (remember to clean your knife in-between). Inside this mag article you get some info about the 08's development.

Some of the other interesting articles inside the same magazine is; Mauser M18 (Anders Pettersson), Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 (Henrik Kalling) and Barrett M82 (Henrik Jansson).

I hope you'll enjoy the article and the mag!

To see my other articles published inside the Vapentidningen; click HERE

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