Fällkniven F1 Pro - Vapentidningen No.3 - 2018

Inside the latest issue of the Vapentidningen you'll find my mag article on the Fällkniven F1 Pro.
The Pro series is a additional development of the manufacturer's so called Survival Knife models; F1, S1 and A1. The Pro versions of the knives are even more sturdy built featuring; a thicker blade made of laminate cobalt steel, a stainless steel finger guard and a new zytel sheath. And all the above is delivered in a shock-resistant and water-proof box also containing a  DC4 whetstone.

Other interesting articles inside the same magazine is for instance; Colt Gold Cup Trophy (Henrik Kalling), Big silencer test (Arild Støen, Erlend Gravningsmyhr) and Browning X-Bolt SF MDT HS3 Chassis FDE (Erland Gunnarsson).

We wish you pleasant reading.

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