Wetterling's Axe Night 2018

The Christmas holiday spirit is here as well as the snow. Feels great that Winter finally is here!
We want to let you know about an inspiring event coming up Wednesday next week. It's time for Wetterlings Yxnatta (Axe Night) at the forge in Storvik Sweden. Jonas Vildmark is happy to be invited as one of the contributors at this event scheduled for December 19th 18.00-22.00. I see our participation as a part of our pleasant little project The Swedish Axe that started for some years ago.

Photo: @wetterlingsaxes on Instagram

We hope you'll stop by to check out the blacksmiths at work, taste some glögg and have a Bushcraft chat with me. Last time I participated in an event at the forge in Storvik was at Yxans Dag 2015 (Axe Day 2015) and it feels great to be there next week.

I'm planning to keep a warming fire going so we can sit down and talk wilderness skills while I'm doing some field carving prior to upcoming hide preparations. Of-course you also have the opportunity to buy some Christmas gifts; how about a gift card on one of our courses or a Doer?

Take care in the snow and I'll hope to see you next week!
Kind regards

You can find more information about the event by clicking HERE.

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