You are welcome to book your spot in our trainings. To share knowledge is our passion as we agree with the old saying; Knowledge doesn’t weigh anything.

Edge & Fire

Length: 1 day

Edge & Fire is a popular class giving you the basic skills regarding edge tools and fire making – two of Bushcraft’s many corner stones.

Learn how to handle tools like; axe, knife and saw in a safe way. Get knowledge about what to think about when choosing a tool and how to maintain your tools. Controlled fire and our edge tools have brought mankind to where we are today. In this training you also get to know the basics of fire making, safety and different lighting techniques. Welcome to a relaxed and inspiring day around the campfire. More information and booking

Family Bushcraft

Length: 1 day

Welcome to a family friendly day at Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter. During this outdoor course we touch upon fire making and wood carving. This training doesn’t have any age limitations, we adjust the level to each group and your needs. More information and booking

Family Expedition

Duration: 3 days

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge offer a 3-day family experience inside the beautiful woods of Bergslagen. During this experience Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter meet up with you to teach you about Bushcraft & Survival and have some fun carving green wood. More information and booking

Basic Survival

Duration: 3 days

Extreme survival is all about; Preparations, Psychology, Physiology and Techniques. On Jonas Vildmark’s own woodland in Hälsingland you have the opportunity to test your limits mentally and physically parallel with practicing your technical skills in making Fire, finding Water and building Shelter. More information and booking.

Bushcraft & Survival
in Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Duration: 3 days

Together with Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter offer a 3-day experience and course focusing on the two subjects; Bushcraft and Survival. We define these two and go through the basics of; fire, water and shelter, together with the aspects of psychology and physics of extreme survival. More information and booking

The Swedish Hunters’ Exam

at Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftenter

Duration: 5 days

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter offer a unique hunting education in a Bushcraft context. After you studying the Swedish course literature in advance we meet up for an inspiring five-day experience at the Bushcraftcenter in Riddarhyttan preparing for the final exams.

The training is held at Jonas Wilderness Bushcraftcenter in the beautiful Bergslagen Riddarhyttan and the surrounding area and concludes with a complete examination. More information and booking.

The Swedish Hunters’ Exam

at Färna Herrgård & Spa

Duration: 4 days

In collaboration with Färna Herrgård & Spa we offer a four-day long intensive hunting education.

After you studying the Swedish course literature in advance we meet up for an inspiring four-day experience at the magnificent Färna Manor preparing for the final exams. You eat well and sleep comfortably in the manor, while theory and practice are mixed in the scenic Bergslagen. Your stay ends with a complete examination.

Tailor-made Trainings
Trainings and Events

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter has a solid record of managing everything from big international events to coaching you as a lone adventurer. By letting us tailor your training you get the most out of your time invested in your upcoming outdoor experience.

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter is today an inspiring network of highly skilled friends passionate about Bushcraft and Survival. Because of this; Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter cover all aspects of Bushcraft and Survival. We connect the right people with the right skills in the right context in the right moment, your moment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and letting us make your idea reality. Looking forward hearing from you.

Warmly welcome!

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