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Hunters Exam
Length: 5 days intensive course
Jonas Vildmark's Hunting School offer a unique hunting education inspired by Bushcraft. Based upon the course literature of The two Swedish Hunters Associations we offer a five day course for a complete Swedish Hunters Exam. You can read more about them by clicking HERE.

Basic Survival Training with Jonas Vildmark
Length: 3 days
Extreme survival is all about; Preparations, Psychology, Physiology and Techniques. On Jonas Vildmark's own woodland in Hälsingland you have the opportunity to test your limits mentally and physically parallel with practicing your technical skills in making Fire, finding Water and building Shelter. Read more about this course by clicking HERE.

Bushcrafting with Jonas Vildmark
Length: 3 days
Are you looking for woods to bushcraft in? Welcome to Jonas Vildmark's wilderness.
On Jonas Vildmark's own grounds you get a great opportunity to bushcraft to it's fullest.
The concept is for you to be able to full out practice your wood lore skills together with the land owner and his consent. This is a unique opportunity to test your gear and practice your bushcrafting skills. Read more; click HERE.

Edge Tools with Jonas Vildmark
Length: 1 day
This is a one day course where we go into depth of the noble art of separating materials. During this training you'll get knowledge regarding edge tools like; the Knife, the Axe and the Saw. We'll go through chopping and carving techniques as well as we learn how to sharpen your tools and how to do the maintenance. If you're interested in a day full of bushcraft skills; click HERE.

Fire with Jonas Vildmark
Length: 1 day
Fire is a one day course about mankind's most important discovery. To control fire is essential to keep dry, warm and full when out in the woods. Different techniques and materials are covered and you get to practice your fire skills in nice surroundings. So If you're interested in a day full of Bushcraft skills; click HERE.

Edge & Fire Training with Jonas Vildmark
Length: 1 day
Edge & Fire is a two-part outdoor course held around the campfire. Learn how to use knife, axe, saw and fire; mankind's most important inventions. The controlled fire and the edge tools set the foundation of our ancestors development in life that have lead us till where we are today. The one who master these two cornerstones has limitless possibilities in their hands. Edge & Fire is a popular course where you get tips and trix on the subject, and at the same time you get the chance to practice your techniques and skills. If you're interested in two days full of Bushcraft skills; click HERE.

Bushcraft & Survival in Kolarbyn
Length: 3 days
Together with Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge Jonas Vildmark offer a 3-day experience and course focusing on the two subjects; Bushcraft  and Survival. We define these two and go through the basics of; fire, water and shelter, together with the aspects of psychology and physics of extreme survival. See more by clicking HERE.

Family Bushcraft
Length: 3 days
Together with Bagå skola Jonas Vildmark offer a 3-day experience and course focusing on family friendly bushcrafting. You stay at the cozy Bagå skola and have the bushcraft workshop around the fire at Jonas Vildmark Bushcraft Center. To see more about Family Bushcraft; click HERE.

Tailor Made
Of-course we also offer tailor made coaching, courses and events. Don't hesitate contacting us with your questions!

To see other courses and event Jonas Vildmark offer via Partners; see our Calendar by clicking HERE.

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Photo: M. Brodersen