The Homestead

Inside the deep and peaceful woods of Bergslagen lay the small mining village of Riddarhyttan. Just beside the old blast furnace, active until 1959, the villa Lienshyttans Herrgård is situated. The big old log house was moved to it's current location back in the mid 1800's. Before that this mansion of the village, originally raised in the late 1700's, was located two kilometers north. The homestead's history and layout inspires to knowledge of the old ways of the Swedish woods and the mountains. In this ancient environment Jonas Vildmark's Bushcraft Center offer you both theoretical and practical education, training and recreation. A warm welcome to this haven of Bushcraft.

The postal address is; Hyttvägen 1, 730 91  Riddarhyttan, SWEDEN
Car entrance via the Southern gate at the coordinates 59.806667, 15.542886 (lat, lon).
The nearest bus stop is called Bussgaraget (Västmanlands Lokaltrafik).

You can also follow the homestead's development via the Lienshyttans Herrgård's Facebook page; click HERE.

Photo: Carlsson Ring

Photo: E. Landolsi

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