The Swedish Hunters’ Exam

at Färna Herrgård & Spa

Spoil yourself with a Hunters Exam in a genuine environment Pree-studies followed by 4 days in beautifull Färna Sweden

Course description

Join us and take your Jägarexamen at Färna Herrgård. Prepare yourself with home studies followed by four inspiring and packed days of game management and hunting knowledge. Theory mixed with hands on practice. All in a fantastic environment and with good food.

With knowledge about our nature’s cycle and wildlife management your outdoor life will be enriched. As a Hunter your outdoor activities enter a new dimension of awareness at the same time as you pass on the hunting and gathering culture’s ecological and sustainable way of thinking.

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter in cooperation with Färna Herrgård & Spa Jägarexamen.
After home studies of the course literature we meet up in Färna for four experiencing days to prepare for the final exams. You eat exceptionally well and sleep comfortably at the mansion, while theory and practice are mixed in the scenic Bergslagen. The course finish with a full exam. The literature and all classes are held in Swedish.

Färna Herrgård pree-studies followed by 4 days in Färna

Place: Färna Herrgård & Spa, Skinnskatteberg, Västmanland MAP
Length: Pree-studies followed by 4 days in Färna
Price: 11 000 SEK per person including VAT*
Course dates 2021: June 2nd-5th, June 16th-19th, June 30th-July 3rd, July 14th-17th

*Litterature for about 800 SEK is added to the cost. The participants order and pay their own books to get started with the pree-studies as soon as possible. Get your books HERE. The exams fee is also added on top, about 1500 SEK. Read more about the exam fees by clicking HERE. The examination is paid to the association’s Examiner on site at the time of examination, when these results are to be registered centrally with authority. Single room add-on: 450 SEK per person for 3 nights.


  • Digital coaching during pree-studies
  • Double or twin room
  • Fika
  • Lunch and Dinners
  • Spa entrance one day
  • Lectures
  • Practical training
  • Shooting Instructor
  • Ammunition
  • Clay pigeons
  • Clay pigeon thrower
  • Rifles for practicing
  • Transport of training equipment
  • Some personal gear


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Course Concept


The Participant order and pay their own literature by clicking HERE. Get your books as soon as possible to get started with your pree-studies. About one month before we meet up at Färna, we’ll invite you to a private digital forum where we’ll coach you through your pree-studies. Note that it is very important that the Participant arrives to Färna well prepared. By studying the course literature in advance, together with some shooting practice, the Participant improves his or hers chances to success when it comes to the final exams during the last days in Färna. We’ll be by your side thorough this exiting journey. If you like to complement this course with some extra training in for-instance shooting, please feel free contacting us to book a session at the shooting range.


Four days in Färna

When we finally meet at Färna Herrgård we have four packed and inspiring days together. Mr. Jonas Landolsi, the Chief Instructor of Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter, will then go through the skills you need for your final exams. Our aim is to offer you an as broad and complete Jägarexamen as possible. Subjects touched upon; hunting history, hunting ethics, game knowledge, safety, taking care of the game, gun technique, shooting and hunters culture. The last days of this course is also the final exams. A written test followed by a number of shooting tests. The aim is for you to get a complete Jägarexamen (small game and big game). A Examiner from Svenska Jägareförbundet is managing the tests. Please bring your ID and a photo (to put inside your Jägarbevis).

Start Hunting

See your exam as an inspiring ticket into life long learning about caring and managing our wildlife and nature. We hope this course will offer you knowledge and skills that will follow you out into the wast woods and inspire you to a sustainable and respectful management of Nature. We hope to be your Coach also in your continued journey as a Hunter. Let’s keep in touch. Stay safe and sustainable out there.


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Photo: Per Groth

”Jag tror inte att jag hade kunnat hitta ett bättre stöd till att nå min jägarexamen än med Jonas hjälp! Kunnig, pedagogisk, öppen för allas olika behov och sätt att lära i gruppen. Säkerheten gick alltid först vilket kändes betryggande och det var roligt hela vägen (och kämpigt förstås!). Tack Jonas!”

”Klart bästa instruktören. Han kan läsa hur han ska få personen att lösa uppgiften rätt. Så nöjd!”

”Verkligen bra upplägg, suveränt boende och Jonas är en otroligt duktig lärare och coach!”

”Härligt att kunna ta sin jägarexamen i en sådan fantastisk miljö. En perfekt blandning av hårt arbete och lyxig inramning!”

Trainings and Events

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter has a solid record of managing everything from big international events to coaching you as a lone adventurer. By letting us tailor your training you get the most out of your time invested in your upcoming outdoor experience.

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter is today an inspiring network of highly skilled friends passionate about Bushcraft and Survival. Because of this; Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter cover all aspects of Bushcraft and Survival. We connect the right people with the right skills in the right context in the right moment, your moment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and letting us make your idea reality. Looking forward hearing from you.