Edge & Fire

Learn how to manage Fire, Knife, Axe and Saw
– Mankind’s most important inventions

Course description

The controlled fire and the edge tools set the foundation of our ancestors development in life that have led us till where we are today. 

Edge & Fire is an outdoor course held around the campfire combining the interesting subjects of edge tools and fire making. During the 1-day training Edge & Fire you’ll learn how to use knife, axe, saw and fire; mankind’s most important inventions. The controlled fire and the edge tools set the foundation of our ancestors development in life that have led us till where we are today. The one who master these two cornerstones has limitless possibilities in their hands. Edge & Fire is a popular course where you get advice on the subject, and at the same time you get the chance to practice your techniques and skills in a peaceful and pleasant environment.

Location: Jonas Vildmarks Bushcraftcenter in Riddarhyttan, Bergslagen, Sweden,  MAP
Duration: 1 day (10.00 am -4.00 pm)
Course Fee: 1 500 SEK per person (incl. VAT)
Course Dates for 2022: Will be published here within shortly. But you are welcome to contact us today with your intrest.

Includes: Instructor, lunch, fika, fire material, wood carving material and borrow tools.

The whole training is spent outdoors whatever the weather. Bring clothes for all weather and also bring your own edge and fire tools, if any. Tools for borrowing are also available on suite.

The course contains *

The fundamentals, Safety and Preparations

  • Tinder, Fuel and Fire Construction
  • History of Fire
  • Lighting Techniques and Practicing
  • Lighting Techniques

Practicing and Putting it out Theoretical and practical training regarding knife, axe and saw:

  • The history of the tools, Geometry and Choice of tools
  • Techniques, Safety and Practicing
  • Sharpening. Maintenance and Practicing
  • Bushcraft wood carving

*Changes may occur, for instance, in case of a fire ban; no open flames will be used.

Photo: Nino Fernandes

Photo: Sandra Warn

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