Information about our Privacy policy

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter protects your privacy. As of May 25th, 2018, new EU rules apply to the handling of personal data. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you about how we handle your personal information.

If your personal information is in our database, it’s there for the reason to contact you with knowledge, inspiration, news and offers. We also use your personal information to be able to deliver the services you order from us. We want you to know that you can feel confident that we handle your personal data with the utmost privacy.

What information does Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter collect?

We have your contact information registered either because you or your organization has been or is a customer to us, you have attended one of our trainings or you have at some point mentioned that you want to communicate with us. The personal information we register when you become a customer to us is email address and name. Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter has received your email address and your name when you or your organization has chosen to subscribe to our newsletter or have taken part in one of our lectures, courses or workshops. Should you participate in any of our courses, we sometimes ask for supplementary information. This information is related to your safety. The information is then handled by the course manager only during the specific training. Then the information is deleted. When we send you an invoice for having taken part in one of Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter’s products or services, we never ask for social security numbers, account details or bank and credit card information. If you order a product from us that must be sent to you; we also require your postal address; the postal address is not used for any purpose other than to deliver the current order.

How does Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter use the information?

We only use your information to send newsletters (with information, news, advice and inspiration) and send you invoices, and such, concerning the products and services you ordered from us. We do not sell or disclose your personal data to third parties.

Your choices and rights

If we retain your contact information, it will only be used for dialogue linked to Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter’s operations and will not be disclosed to third parties. Of course, you have the right to know what information about you we have in our register, to have them corrected or deleted and you can say no to direct marketing from us. You can unsubscribe from the Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter newsletter at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter. If you choose to be removed from our database, we will then delete your contact information completely, but you are welcome to contact us again at any time if you want to reconnect to us.

No action is required on your part if you want us to retain your information as before. If you don’t already, you are welcome to start subscribing to our newsletter by clicking HERE.