The art of taking care of oneself and others in different environments. Survival is our day to day life. Extreme Survival means that something has gone fundamentally wrong according to plan

Bushcraft VS. Survival

In our opinion Survival and Bushcraft aren’t the same thing, although they often go hand in hand. Roughly defined; Survival is Bushcraft pushed to the limit of an extreme situation.

One big difference is that when Bush crafting you have chosen to be there and spend time in the outdoors. But in an extreme Survival situation something has gone terribly wrong according to plan and you want to get out of there as soon and safe as possible.

An extreme Survival situation can occur out in the wilderness as well as inside a big city. Survival is more about avoiding danger, avoiding panic and having the knowledge about you and your friends limits both mental and physical.

But Bushcraft skills may come very handy also in an extreme Survival situation wherever it may occur. Skills like; finding water, making fire and building shelter can also be fundamental when trying to stay alive in an urban environment.

In the same way that Bushcraft skills helps you to enjoy your outdoor experiences more, Survival skills gives you the confident to relax more knowing you have a fair chance to handle a more extreme situation when it occurs.

Note that we differentiate day to day survival and extreme survival,

where the daily survival is more about; health, basic instincts and strategical choices like;

  • what jacket to wear,
  • look both right and left before crossing the road
  • and make sure to get right amount of sleep to manage life.

At Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter we divide extreme survival into four main parts:

  • Prevent – to avoid ending up in a situation in the first place. This could also be defined as Prepping or to be prepared.
  • Psyche – Attitude and mental capacity
  • Physique – What your body needs and can cope with
  • Tactics – Experience, technique and making the right choices

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Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter has a solid record of managing everything from big international events to coaching you as a lone adventurer. By letting us tailor your training you get the most out of your time invested in your upcoming outdoor experience.

Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter is today an inspiring network of highly skilled friends passionate about Bushcraft and Survival. Because of this; Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter cover all aspects of Bushcraft and Survival. We connect the right people with the right skills in the right context in the right moment, your moment.

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