Jonas Vildmark Doer

av | 6 dec, 2019 | Eggverktyg, Knivar, Slöjd, Varor

Doer is the name of a knife model designed by Jonas Landolsi, The Doer is hand crafted by the famous knife maker Karesuandokniven way up North of Sweden. Only 46 Doers has been hand crafted and every knife has it’s individual serial number marked on the blade.

The Jonas Vildmark Doer is a very capable tool. This slim and clean designed knife is a practical down to earth tool and in the right hands it solves most day to day tasks. And hopefully you spend moust of you days out in the refreshing and beautiful wild outdoors.

Jonas love for short blades, long handles and neck carry resulted in a light weight knife equipped with a very controllable blade and versatile handle. The integrated neck strap of the sheath allows for an efficient and nice looking neck carry.


The Handle

A neck knife needs to be compact and light to be comfortable and always at hand hanging around one’s neck. To keep the weight down and have a slim knife the symmetric handle got an oval shape, almost flat. But not too flat as that would risk giving the user hot-spots when working with the knife. The Doer is designed with both carrying and using optimization in mind. The biggest mass of the handle is located in the back of the handle to enable a comfortable back grip. The smooth transition over to the blade enables a comfortable front grip (to choke up on the blade). The symmetric shape of the handle offer a broad variety of grips. The three rings in the handle is not only for looks they’re also there for practical reasons. The three rings offer a discreet texture and reference point that is useful when working with the knife. The rings also makes the knife more visible if lying on the forest ground. As the rings is made by the same material as the rest of the handle, Curly Birch, hot-spots is avoided as any shrinkage or swelling hardly give any effect to the symmetric shape of the handle. The around 11 centimeters long handle is a pleasure handling.



The Blade

The knife blade has a traditional Nordic design. The Doer is equipped with a 75 millimeters short and 2,5 millimetres thick blade. The edge profile is Scandinavian grind and consist of one flat bevel on each side of the blade offering a V-shaped edge. The ever so popular stainless steel from Sandviken, the 12C27, is found in the blade. Jonas chosed this well used durable steel as the Doer is used in such a broad spectra of tasks, almost everything from fine wood carving, field dressing game, food prepping to building camp. Because of this the knife is being cleaned often to maintain a good hygiene after the knife have been in contact with for instance dirt and blood. Always make sure to have a clean blade when preparing your food to avoid stomach problems when out in the field. The Sandvik stainless 12C27 shows good strength couping with wet and heavy duty tasks. The steel is hardened to 57 HRC and the knife comes with a razor sharp edge straight out of the box.


The Sheath

The straight sheath is equipped with and integrated carry system consisting of a long strap made of Rein Deer skin. This enables you to comfortable carry you knife hanging around your neck. Some of the advantages of carrying your blade as a neck knife:

Symmetric availability – The knife is always at hand both from the left hand side and the right hand side.

Oversight – Carrying the sheath in front of your chest gives you a good overview being able to quickly detect if the knife is in it’s sheath or perhaps left on the bench or ground somewhere.

Winter – In cold Nordic weather the knife is carried outside of your clothing. This enables you to reach you knife without opening your warming clothes. Every time you open or lift your winter clothing in you loose precious body heat.

For occasions you want to carry the knife on your belt you just roll up the access strap or cut it of permanently.

The sheath is made of bull hide and the strap from Rein Deer skin. When a edge tool is carried close to the neck of-course safety is important. Therefore the sheath of the Doer is equipped with a hard plastic inlay minimizing the risk of the blade cutting through the leather when covering ground or resting. With the sheath’s integrated neck strap you can adjust how tight you want the top of the sheath to be wrapped around the knife handle. For example, when sitting wood carving you can loosen up the neck-strap on top of the sheath allowing the knife a lose fit when the knife is taken out and put back repeatedly. The neck-strap tightens the opening of the sheath when pulled. So when you’re done carving and its time to move on, you just tighten the sheath by pulling the strap to secure the knife inside the sheath.


Get Your Doer

The Jonas Vildmark Doer is a hand made tool using natural materials for everyday use. And the more you use it the more beautiful the knife will get. Usage, nature’s elements and maintenance blesses the knife with a fantastic patina over time. This makes a priceless tool to pass on for generations. The Doer is only available via Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftceter. If you are interested in owning one of the 46 existing Doer knives, pay a visit to Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter in Riddarhyttan, to take a closer look at the knives in our Bushcraft Boutique, or contact Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter to make your order. You can also order your Doer online via our webshop.



Knife Designer: Jonas Landolsi, Founder and Chief Instructor at Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter
Knife Maker: Karesuandokniven, Sweden
No. knives produced: 46
Production year: 2017
Blade steel: Stainless Sandvik 12C27, 57 HRC
Blade length: 75 mm
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Blade width: 18 mm
Edge profile: Scandi Grind
Handle material: Colored Curly Birch and brass
Handle length: 110 mm
Carry system: Straight sheath with integrated extra long carry strap
Sheath material: Bull leather, plastic inlay for safety, Rein Deer skin strap
Knife weight: 58 g
Price: 1400 SEK
As the knife is handmade the above measures may slightly differ.


Always keep your knife sharp and clean. When sharpening the knife, we recommend you to keep the original angle of the cutting edge. If you are not comfortable in sharpening your knife yourself, we recommend you sign up for one of our courses in edge tool maintenance. You can also hire the services of your local professional knife sharpener. For easy cleaning of the knife, we recommend drying off the knife and sheath using a dry soft cloth. When in need of a deeper cleaning, we recommend a mild hand wash and rinsing the knife in hand warm water. Then dry the knife using a soft cloth and let air dry for a while. Now and then we recommend you to apply a thin coating of suitable oil. After cleaning and drying, apply a couple of drops of for instance olive oil to the blade, handle and sheath. Gently massage the oil evenly into the materials and then wipe off any excess oil. When stored away for a while, we recommend you to store knife and sheath separately in a safe dark place with normal room temperature.


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