This Summer's Beaver & Moose Safaris with Wild Sweden - 2018

I want to send out a big and warm Thank You to all the inspiring guest I had the pleasure of meeting during the Wild Sweden safaris I managed this Summer.
This was the second season I had the honor of putting on the Wild Sweden cap and give guided tours for this high quality outdoor experience provider. Wild Sweden offer trips trough the whole year, but I mainly guide during the high season and mainly the Beaver safari and the Moose safari. The tours have blessed me with fantastic moments in the magic outdoors of Bergslagen, and to be able to share these moments together with curious and friendly guests from all over the world are truly a treat. I'm so happy to be able to contribute spreading knowledge about our Nature and the beautiful Wildlife.

Below I've punched in a well written review, found on TripAdvisor, from one of our Moose safari guests this Summer. I think the text gives a good example on how nice the tours with Wild Sweden are. Thanks for the kind words, take care and hope to see you again next Summer!

Kind regards
Jonas Landolsi

"What makes Wild Sweden's Moose Safari so special are the people. Sure, the Moose are definitely cool, and the Swedish forest is undeniably beautiful. But when you travel you want to feel immersed in another entirely separate and distinct place, and in the central to northern parts of Sweden, you need a guide. Fortunately, there are special people like those at Wild Sweden who are thoughtful, expressive, and motivated to share their special place.

There were two guides, two vans, and two families, but we all shared one experience. The lead guide was Jonas, a gentle man with great integrity and strong beliefs, a man with life experience beyond his years, an ambassador for the forest. We felt lucky that Jonas was with us. It was like being with John Muir.

The evening started when the van picked us up at our Air BnB - what service! It just so happened that our host was also the chef who prepared the evening meal. More on that later. We met the other van and drove for a bit to a fire circle at the shore of a lake. It was silent and perfectly still (except for the sprinkles of rain that came about halfway through our talk). We sat in a circle and shared a little bit about ourselves. The other family was from Holland. The evening was warm, so we didn't start a fire, but I'd imagine they'd provide a nice fire if necessary. After introductions, Jonas spoke about the forest, forest management, then wildlife and wildlife management, including moose, deer and bear. About halfway through the talk it started to sprinkle, and Jonas passed out ponchos. We continued the talk in the light rain. Jonas spoke of how quiet it was and how you could walk for days and never see anyone.

We then split into two groups and went on a hike. This was no ordinary hike. The forest was a pristine wilderness, a moss covered wonderland with no trails. We followed Jonas step by step through and over the moss and small bushes. We looked at the tree bark, spotted and tried some blueberries, and found some moose scat. Jonas picked up the scat and told us it was from yesterday. He showed us the outlines of where a moose and one or two calves slept for the night. I reveled in stepping on the soft sponginess of the moss - it was unlike anything I'd ever done, and I've hike hundreds of miles of trail in the U.S.

After the hike we gathered back at the vans. If the weather was better, we'd gather back at the fire circle for a meal. Instead, we stayed near the vans in our ponchos and ate from the back of the vans. Normally this kind of improvisation would be a setback, but in this case, we were all cheerful. The food, including some cheeses, sausages, and lamb wraps, was delicious. The adults had some local beer, and the kids had water and juice. We continued to talk all through dinner, with discussions touching on the Scandinavian and Dutch educational systems (free college!) versus the U.S. The Dutch family was very nice, and we realized that things like this Moose Safari attract folks with some common values: respect for the land and our natural resources, and a genuine interest in wildlife.

After dinner we split up into our vans again and began the safari. It was past 9pm but the sun was barely setting. The two vans each go their own way to cover as much ground as possible. Jonas drove our van over the dirt and gravel roads and scanned the forest for movement. We were all given binoculars to aid in the search. After about twenty minutes we spotted our first moose very close to the road. Jonas quietly stopped the van and peered out at the moose, who stared back at us for a minute or so before backing away.

We eventually saw 10 moose and one deer, and each time Jonas was very careful, quiet and respectful of the wildlife. He never lingered or made any sounds to startle the moose. One time we stopped the van, exited and used his high-power scope to view a moose in the distance. The scope was amazing, bringing the moose into full frame. Surprising to us, Jonas drove about until past 11pm. We were all pretty tired by about 10pm, but it was a joy every time we saw another moose.

We met up with the other van at the end of the tour to discuss our sightings and share final thoughts. We were all tired, but grateful for our time with Jonas. He passed out some photos and wrapped up the night with a short talk about the importance of protecting and preserving our wildlife and wilderness."

Karesuandokniven Nallo & Singi - Vapentidningen No.5 - 2018

Now the July issue of the Vapentidning has landed inside Swedish stores. This time you can read my article on the updated versions of Karesuandokniven's folders Nallo & Singi.

This Spring Karesuandokniven revealed the 2018 versions of the folders. Some of the new features are; Scandi grind, liner lock and a more sturdy design. In the mag article you can see and read more about the Nallo & Singi 2018 compared to the older versions.

Other interesting articles inside the same mag are for instance; Testing distance meter inside binoculars (Erland Gunnarsson), Ruger GP100 .22LR (Henrik Kalling) and The Swedish K-pisten m/45B (Henrik Jansson).

To see more I've written about Karesuandokniven; click HERE.

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Read about our life journey inside the Utemagasinet

Inside the latest issue of Utemagasinet (No.6 - 2018) you can read a well made article by Mr Roger Borgelid about our family's and Jonas Vildmark's journey from the big city life to the homesteading country life.

Utemagasinet & Roger Borgelid

Today it's exactly 18 months since our truck pulled in onto the land of our new home here in Riddarhyttan. Back then we had; quit our posts in the Automotive Business and the Pharmaceutical Business, sold our apartment i Stockholm and chosen a new life inside the beautiful woods of Bergslagen and to go all in running our dear family business Jonas Vildmark.

We are deeply grateful to be able to make this change together as a family and for how well everything has turned out. We want to take this opportunity to thank our new home village for your generosity, supporting family and friends and also say thank you to all new and old business partners for all the fantastic time we spend outdoors living and learning off the land.

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Inside this six pages long mag article you get to hear a bit about all the laughter and the challenges of this life journey and we hope Roger's nice words and beautiful pics will inspire you to follow your dream as well. We say Thank you to the Utemagasinet and Roger for taking the time to visit us and telling our story so warm-hearted.

Photo: Sabina Olsson

The magazine is now available in a store near you and please don't hesitate contacting us if you have any thoughts about Roger's article on us.

The article can also be downloaded as a pdf by clicking HERE.

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Edge Tool Maintenance - Vapentidningen No.4 - 2018

A subject close to my heart is edge tool maintenance and I hope more people will learn about taking care of their edge tools. When maintaining your knife and axe you build a nice bond between yourself and the tool. It's a nice feeling when your tool becomes an extension of your hand, and the hand an extension of your knowledge. To get this connection you need to spend lots of time together with your tool of choice. To enable this time spent you need to maintain your tool for it to last. With maintenance I mean; sharpening, cleaning and oiling. Just like the Musician an his instrument; you get better with your tool the more time you spend practicing. And if maintained correctly; the tool will produce better results. Another nice thing about taking care of your tools is the pleasant effects on the environment when enabling a long term ownership of the tool.

Inside the latest issue of Vapentidningen, No.4 - 2018, you can read my latest mag article on edge tool maintenance, focusing on sharpening your knife using a bench stone. I hope you'll find the article interesting and useful. Please don't hesitate contacting us if you have any questions regarding edge tools or their maintenance.

Other nice articles inside the same mag; Testing 8 different rifle kits (Johan Ljungné), CZ P-10 C (Henrik Kalling) and CZ 550 Safari Classics II (Johan Ljungné).

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You can also order old mags or articles via the Vapentidningen website; click HERE.

If you want to learn more about edge tools and maintenance; please check out Jonas Vildmark's courses on the subject by clicking HERE.

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Sparrowhawk strikes Jackdaw

Today I got to witness a powerful yet natural incident when a Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) hunted down a Jackdaw (Coloeus monedula).

I was sitting in my kitchen and all off a sudden I hear the birds outside getting real upset. Looking out the window I could see a male Sparrowhawk just hit a big Jackdaw. Both the fellow Jackdaws and the fellow Magpies (Pica pica) tried to scare the raptor off to help their friend. But after a couple of minutes the Jackdaw was dead and the Sparrowhawk flew of with his prey. Impressive to see a small Sparrowhawk taking on such a big Jackdaw as it's more common for the Sparrowhawk to catch smaller birds.

The Sparrowhawk usually leave Sweden for warmer countries during Winter, to be back in March-April to lay their eggs around May-June. Today there is about 15 000 - 20 000 nesting Sparrowhawk couples in Sweden. This hawk together with his partner is probably preparing for laying their eggs in the nest.

Below you can see my footage. I grabbed my phone to record the event and all is happening in real time. Sensitive viewers be warned; contains graphic but natural footage.

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Fällkniven F1 Pro - Vapentidningen No.3 - 2018

Inside the latest issue of the Vapentidningen you'll find my mag article on the Fällkniven F1 Pro.
The Pro series is a additional development of the manufacturer's so called Survival Knife models; F1, S1 and A1. The Pro versions of the knives are even more sturdy built featuring; a thicker blade made of laminate cobalt steel, a stainless steel finger guard and a new zytel sheath. And all the above is delivered in a shock-resistant and water-proof box also containing a  DC4 whetstone.

Other interesting articles inside the same magazine is for instance; Colt Gold Cup Trophy (Henrik Kalling), Big silencer test (Arild Støen, Erlend Gravningsmyhr) and Browning X-Bolt SF MDT HS3 Chassis FDE (Erland Gunnarsson).

We wish you pleasant reading.

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Bushcraft & Survival in Kolarbyn

In a collaboration between Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge and Jonas Vildmark we offer you a 3-day experience and a course in Bushcraft and Survival. These are two different subjects that may well go hand in hand when you find yourself in an unexpected survival situation. Bushcraft skills can help you in a extreme survival situation in the woods. In this course, besides defining these two subjects, we also cover the basics of; fire, water and shelter, together with the psychological and physical factors of Survival.

Photo: Marcus Jonson,

Day 1 - Check in at the reception of Kolarbyn 14.00. A host will meet and greet to show you around the lodge site. The night will be spent inside one of the charcoal huts in Kolarbyn
Day 2 - Theory and practice out in the deep woods of Bergslagen, together with an experienced Instructor. You have the possibility to spend the night inside the emergency shelter you will build during the day
Day 3 - Breakfast, summarizing and finish inside the Kolarbyn

Dates during 2018
June 1st-3rd
September 4th-6th

From 3270 SEK (including VAT)

More info and booking
We recommend you bring; sturdy and warm clothes for all weather, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, head lamp with extra batteries, filled water bottle, steel container to boil water over open fire, note materials and snacks. When the mosquitoes are active it's also wise to use long sleeves and bring repellent or net.
For more detailed information and booking your spot; please visit the Kolarbyn website by clicking HERE.

You can also follow each course via Facebook; click HERE.

Welcome to the magic forests of Bergslagen Sweden!

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