Welcome to our new website!

av | 20 sep, 2019 | Nyheter

We’ve just launched our new platform and it feels great! Thanks for putting up with any glitches that might occur during this start up. Your feedback is important to us so don’t hesitate contacting us if you like.

For 11 years we’ve had the pleasure of using the old blog Jonas Vildmark as our main platform on the web. Now it’s time to introduce our new website that we’re realy proud of.

We are very happy for our pleasant co-operation together with our friends Maria and Caroline at the Creative Mill ,this new website is one result of that.

This new platform enables us to reach out to you in a more interesting and efficient way. We hope you’ll find this new website inspiring and hands-on while we share our knowledge and experiences with you. We now also can offer you on-line bookings of our courses. We hope you’ll also enjoy our new visual identity.

The old blog happily enough lives on in a new shape here on the new website. We will continuously add selected blog-posts from the old blog into the new blog here on the website mixed with new material.

You’re kindly welcome to surf this new website and don’t hesitate contacting us with any feedback you would like to share with us. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Jonas & Therese

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